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For first time visitors. What causes postural distortion? How does it affect your health?

Distortion of the spine and pelvic bone causes various symptoms such as stiff shoulders and low back pain.
In addition, it can cause headaches or menstrual pain, as well as disturbed autonomic nerve function.

Postural distortion leads to muscle stiffness and/or excessive tension.

The main cause of postural distortion is poor posture.

In most cases, distortion is linked to poor posture in everyday life. In other cases, distortion is caused by traffic accidents or sports injuries.

It's important to consider not only your standing and sitting posture, but also your posture while sleeping.

The factors regarding poor postural distortion are considered to be using pillows incorrectly and sleeping in a way that affects your posture without you noticing it in your everyday life.

We provide guidance for those who may be experiencing poor sleeping posture.

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